About Art For All

Art For All is a text message activated, automated art project by Chad Kouri and Sean Neilan. The idea is simple—art should be accessible to everyone and anyone who is interested in it. This project utilizes an algorithm to translate any phone number into a piece of artwork, and because everyone's phone number is different, each piece of art is completely unique to that person. In it's first iteration, the project is capable of making up to 1,000,000 different pieces of art, currently delivered for free via text message. We also give the opportunity to buy prints of your artwork at various sizes, which helps us offset the cost of server space and text “marketing” fees. Every single artwork created is automatically archived on the website in our gallery which helps showcase the shear volume and engagement level of our project. We ask each person who is interested in a piece of art to message their full name so that we can credit them as the maker of their artwork. Not only do we want to bring art to the people, we want to empower people as makers, and saying each piece is "by" the individual who texts the number generates more excitement around the making process. We believe that anyone can be an artist if given the right tools, and this just happens to be the cheapest and easiest tool on the market!

If you'd like any other information on the project, or are interested in a partnership, custom automated art commission or speaking/workshop engagement, please contact chad@chadkouri.com.

It is very important to us that we offer this project to people, free of charge. If you are able, please consider supporting this free art service with a donation of $5 or more or by buying a print. Prints can be purchased by picking a size from the dropdown menu on your artwork's webpage, and clicking buy now.

**It should be noted that phone numbers will never be displayed publicly or be sold to a third party for promotional purposes. The list of numbers will only be used by the project to send the artwork link and potentially any, very infrequent follow-up messages updating people on Art For All Project will always be offered with an opt out option.